A Message From Scott

Welcome to my website.

Okay. So some of you out there might be wondering – “Why am I posting a website at this stage of my life and career?”.

Well, it seems that life is beginning again and I would like to include as many people as possible in the many ways I am trying to affect this community we live in.
And when I say community, I mean us. All of us. We belong to a large population that occupies a very small and shrinking world.
Gone are the days where some of us are forced into solitary lives, lived anonymously. It seems to me that many now tend to live, aside from family, in two types of community. 1) Which Starbucks you frequent. And/or 2) Where you spend your time on the internet.

I like coffee as much (or more) as the next person, but using this amazing technological instrument is a wonderful way for all of us to connect and learn from each other in a unique and personal way.

I would love to learn from you. And to connect. But most importantly….. I would love to explore the many ways we can learn how to better participate in helping people in need directly and impact them more fully.

I will share experiences, both fun and enlightening. I will bring stories of inspiration and good times, and there may also be some moments of sadness and remembrance.

Most people only know me as an Olympic and Professional Ice Skater. For those, I will share what I have to say about the world of skating. But I also hope to show them, and everyone else for that matter something more. Like introducing everyone that visits here to the many people that populate my life today. Most of whom have never even put on a pair of skates.

They are happily (and passionately) involved in many different facets of making a difference in the world. I am thrilled to introduce you to them in the hopes you might jump in and give them your time and support.

Whether it be helping to make the cancer community better through supporting research or helping the next patient better endure their adventure. Or learning more about what is happening at The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, Provision Center for Proton Therapy, Cleveland Clinic, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, Special Olympics, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, The Pituitary Network Association, or the subject of Global Adoption. I will do my best to share what we are a part of, in the hopes that possibly, some of my visitors will roll up their sleeves and join the party.

It’s fun doing good! Thanks for checking out ScottHamilton1984.com.